Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Late Goodbye!


I guess I should write a farewell post?

Most of you have already realized that I'm gone. I stopped blogging. It wasn't a conscious decision, I thought I might rebound, but it's been over 6 weeks{maybe 8 haha! I stopped counting} since I even thought about blogging! If you were one of my avid readers then you know that I love{d} blogging, somewhere along the way though, I kinda lost my mojo, I didn't mention it on here... Come to think of it... I was sort of like in a bad relationship with blogging and I pushed myself to the limit before I stopped. Don't get me wrong, blogging was not harmful to my health, it just quit being therapeutic.

I haven't stopped loving fashion and poetry. 
If in a tinny winny way I inspired you to start blogging or to blog better, keep blogging, especially if you are from Africa, we need more and more people from third world countries joining this beautiful virtual world. You can blog about anything, I believe every voice on the internet is unique, just like in the real world.

As of right now, I'm working on getting myself together, figuring out how to be an adult... It ain't easy, considering the fact that I am a late bloomer haha! I don't compare myself to other people, because I'm awesome, but sometimes I look at people my age, how they act, how they generally carry themselves  and I tell myself "girrrl! There's sum wrong wich ya!"... I never cease to feel like a kid!... I guess I'm a child at heart or just plain immature.

Seriously though, I'm content and happy with my life right now, I'm trying out  other fun, new hobbies, I've also started a home-based business, wish me luck, I hope it grows to be bigger and better in future... With the blog "out of my way" I have one less obligation in my "day to day activities" and that's cute.

I thank all of you who took this journey with me. This blog has changed the person I am, cheesy as that sounds. I am a completely different person now, and would say a better one too.I have made a lot of friends through my blog and that to me, is the biggest success. We can still contact via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you again for all your love and support,my readers, my friends... Farewell!

Xx, Yvonne.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

DIY {Fabric Covered Shoes}

 So I've had these pair of shoes for ages and for some weird reason I'm not ready to let go of them, yeah, I'm clingy like that! Haha! They're pretty worn out on the upper side, but their soles are still very able to serve, so I thought "how can I make these oldies, goodies?" and this light bulb lit up above my head...

You actually need very few supplies to alter your shoes the way that I have... You're going to need fabric, preferably a colorful piece made out of cotton, a pair of scissors, sequin trim or a razor and fabric glue! I  got my fabric glue at Thika Road Mall {Text Book Center}, It's only Kshs.150.

First things first...

1. Wrap the fabric around the shoe to determine the size needed

2. Apply fabric glue to the applique, let it set for 10 minutes before placing the applique {fabric} on the shoe.

3. Place the fabric on the shoe after 10 minutes and press it down lightly.

4. After covering every part of the shoe and trimming the excess fabric from unwanted areas, allow it to dry for 24 hours before wearing them.

5. You know how  a car is taken for a test drive... Take your shoes for a "test walk"...

 I hope you enjoyed this simple do it yourself tutorial!



Saturday, 8 March 2014

Turban Tales

Feels good to be a woman! Don't it?!... The whole freaking world is celebrating us today!

Women... We're awesome :-)

I wore this a while back and I think it's very appropriate for this day, I look like a little lady!
Turbans are saving my lazy ass big time! Whenever I'm not in the mood of styling my hair, I simply wrap my head with a scarf, as seen below and I'm good to go!

Outfit Details

Turban {Scarf} - Gikomba - Kshs. 20 
Floral Top - West {Eldoret} - Kshs. 50
Black Skirt - Gikomba - Kshs. 100
Ballet Flats - Ngara - Kshs. 250
Bracelet - Borrowed
Belt - Old
Earrings - Gift

Happy Women's Day 2014!


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Power Couple!

Forget Beyonce and Jay-Z! This is officially my new favorite couple!!!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had interviewed two amazing designers, I kid you not, they are! Aaaand and their names sort of rhyme in a really cute way!!! I just love that. Here's how the interview went down.

Names: Beryl and Bably

Kenyan Fashion Poet: Tell us a little about yourselves

Beryl: I am a 20 year old student of Economics and Statistics. I am also a fashion designer, to me fashion is everything.

Bably: I am 25 years of age, a graduate in Electrical Engineering and also a fashion designer.

Kenyan Fashion Poet: What inspires you to create your designs?

Beryl: We love fashion a lot, that is what inspires us to create our designs.

 Bably: We also spend time on the internet, so what we see inspires us to start making our own items


Kenyan Fashion Poet: How did you come up with your brand name? Ndala?

Beryl: He came up with the name *giggles*

Bably: I coined the name from Ndula {Sheng for shoes} to mean open shoes. We are into making sandals.

Kenyan Fashion Poet: How long does it take you to make a piece 

Beryl: To make a pair of sandals, it takes us a day.

Kenyan Fashion Poet: Where do you source your materials?

Bably: Anywhere and everywhere really, but mostly, we source them at Nairobi Textiles, Kariokor Market and Masai Market

Kenyan Fashion Poet: Apart from shoes, do you make anything else?

Beryl: We make other fashion accessories like African print bow ties and bracelets.

Bably: We also make clothes, what I'm wearing for example, I made this.

 Kenyan Fashion Poet: What challenges do you face while designing?

Beryl: Sometimes we make mistakes while beading and we have to start all over again

Bably: We have tailors who sew the the shoes, they make a faults here and there sometimes.

Kenyan Fashion Poet: Why do you like using beads for your designs?

Beryl: Using beads {Masai beads} makes our designs look African and that is how we want them to appear.

Kenyan Fashion Poet: I love how you guys are dressed! Please describe your style. How do you pick out your clothes in the morning and what inspires you to dress the way yo do?

Beryl: I think my style is simple, I do take time to pick what I wear for the day though. I check different fashion sites on the net for inspiration.

Bably: I like wearing my designs and unlike her, I just randomly pick out clothes in the morning. My dad inspires my style.

Kenyan Fashion Poet: What do people think of your designs

Beryl: People simply love our designs.

Kenyan Fashion Poet: Do your families support this?

Bably: Yes, all the way *smiles*

Kenyan Fashion Poet: Do you prefer sketching your designs or actually constructing them?

Bably: We like constructing them as soon as an idea of a design pops up.

Kenyan Fashion Poet: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

Beryl: We want to be recognized as one of the best designers in Kenya

Bably: We also hope to own a warehouse and a broader labor force

Kenyan Fashion Poet:What advice can you give to young people like you, who want to venture into he fashion industry?

Beryl: They should have passion for what they want to do and not let anything stop them, we started with very little capital, but that didn't stop us.

Bably: Start something unique and believe in yourself.

Kenyan Fashion Poet: Lastly: What do yo think of the Kenyan fashion industry?

Beryl: All Kenyan designers are making very good stuff.

Bably: We hope to make better designs compared to what is currently in the Kenyan fashion scene.


We can draw so much inspiration from this young couple. Beryl and Bably, you're going places! :-)

I love the fact that they make quality products from locally available materials too, It was wonderful spending my afternoon interviewing the two upcoming designers. If you would like to contact them or view more of their designs, see details below:-

Cell: 0725953819 / 0721895536
Facebook: Ndala254

Oh! Please don't forget to like their page as well!


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fedora Love

Do you ever have such a bad hair day that the only way to deal with it is to employ a hat? Followed by "oh-this-isn't-so-bad" pep talk? That was me, yesterday.

Fedora - Thika Road - Kshs.250 | Chambray Shirt - West {Eldoret} | Jeggings - Old | Ballet Flats - Ngara | Sling Bag - Vendor in Eldoret | Neckpiece - Gift | Sunnies - Old | Bracelet - Borrowed {never to be returned to the owner}

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit again... I had the opportunity of interviewing two amazing, upcoming designers yesterday, so you're welcome to check out how the interview went down and to catch a glimpse of their unique designs.

Oh! I just had to share this! Look what I found on tumblr!!! Freaking awesome, eh?



i love this so much omg

This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life smoothies


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dripping Dopeness!

Gotta give my buddies publicity! Haha!

Welcome my good friend Will to the blog... He likes to be called "Willie" and... Yes, he's ever dope!

Willie puts a lot of effort in dressing, I think, I mean, if you compare him to an average campus guy. You look at him and you remember this quote, " life is too short to wear boring clothes."

I took these random shots of him yesterday, just to share with you his style. I'll definitely feature him again on here, I believe there are a number of gentlemen who view this blog and hopefully they will be inspired by his style in one way or another, plus, it's been forever since I shared something on men's fashion.

We took the pictures in the evening, so excuse the "meh" lighting.

Enjoy! :-)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! What do you think of Willie's style? 


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Trend Alert!

Happy hump day!

Aaah! These trends should go mainstream already!!!... I mean, I'd wear bralets and crop tops all day errday! I just love how they show off some skin and flatter a woman's body.






Thanks for dropping in! Talk to you soon!

Xx, Yvonne.

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