Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dripping Dopeness!

Gotta give my buddies publicity! Haha!

Welcome my good friend Will to the blog... He likes to be called "Willie" and... Yes, he's ever dope!

Willie puts a lot of effort in dressing, I think, I mean, if you compare him to an average campus guy. You look at him and you remember this quote, " life is too short to wear boring clothes."

I took these random shots of him yesterday, just to share with you his style. I'll definitely feature him again on here, I believe there are a number of gentlemen who view this blog and hopefully they will be inspired by his style in one way or another, plus, it's been forever since I shared something on men's fashion.

We took the pictures in the evening, so excuse the "meh" lighting.

Enjoy! :-)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! What do you think of Willie's style? 



  1. Love Willy's style...and I gotta warn him, this 66 year-old, Nairobi-based Mazunga would steal those great green pants, given the chance....Well, not really, just saying how they cool they are. Also love the sexy tasseled loafers. New or thrift, Willy?

    Great blog, Poetess!

    1. Hi Terence! Thanks for your comment! Haha! The loafers he's wearing are thrifted. I hope you're enjoying your stay here.


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