Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Late Goodbye!


I guess I should write a farewell post?

Most of you have already realized that I'm gone. I stopped blogging. It wasn't a conscious decision, I thought I might rebound, but it's been over 6 weeks{maybe 8 haha! I stopped counting} since I even thought about blogging! If you were one of my avid readers then you know that I love{d} blogging, somewhere along the way though, I kinda lost my mojo, I didn't mention it on here... Come to think of it... I was sort of like in a bad relationship with blogging and I pushed myself to the limit before I stopped. Don't get me wrong, blogging was not harmful to my health, it just quit being therapeutic.

I haven't stopped loving fashion and poetry. 
If in a tinny winny way I inspired you to start blogging or to blog better, keep blogging, especially if you are from Africa, we need more and more people from third world countries joining this beautiful virtual world. You can blog about anything, I believe every voice on the internet is unique, just like in the real world.

As of right now, I'm working on getting myself together, figuring out how to be an adult... It ain't easy, considering the fact that I am a late bloomer haha! I don't compare myself to other people, because I'm awesome, but sometimes I look at people my age, how they act, how they generally carry themselves  and I tell myself "girrrl! There's sum wrong wich ya!"... I never cease to feel like a kid!... I guess I'm a child at heart or just plain immature.

Seriously though, I'm content and happy with my life right now, I'm trying out  other fun, new hobbies, I've also started a home-based business, wish me luck, I hope it grows to be bigger and better in future... With the blog "out of my way" I have one less obligation in my "day to day activities" and that's cute.

I thank all of you who took this journey with me. This blog has changed the person I am, cheesy as that sounds. I am a completely different person now, and would say a better one too.I have made a lot of friends through my blog and that to me, is the biggest success. We can still contact via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you again for all your love and support,my readers, my friends... Farewell!

Xx, Yvonne.


  1. I was wondering...you will be missed :)

  2. oh noooo .*Stifles a tear*
    You will surely be missed on the Blogosphere!
    Wish you blessings in your Endeavors

  3. Ooooh Nooo!!!! That is my mentor saying that!!!!

  4. I bet you will bring back your fine ass here, sooner or later. Bigger than ever!!!

  5. Always stalked your blog eventho I never commented. Hope its not to late to say I enjoyed every bit of it. Goodluck with your next adventure!!

  6. It's a shame because I just came to know this blog :( now I come to find out you're moving on, just my luck!

    In any case, I wish you the best xxo


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